Considering a Storage Unit? - July 30, 2014 Article

Published on 9/7/2017

As life moves on and you move into adulthood you start collecting furniture, hobbies, clothes, motorcycles, etc. Then you have a kid or two or three and theres nothing like having a billion infant things, strollers, bouncers, baths, kid clothes, cribs, chairs, as life moves on it just keeps on piling up in corners of the garage, rooms, etc. It's easy to start looking around and realize the truth that your running out of room. 

As this reality sets in and your considering a storage unit let us help you think of a few things that will help you choose one that will be right for you. Some of the main factors to consider are sizes, price, customer service, policies. 

Things you should know when renting a storage unit:

1. Facility's Business Record: Try to find out information about that company, Check out the online reviews of the company and how other people have liked them. Have they had run-ins with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)? Any thefts or other issues in the past that have been recurring. 

2. Price: Finding the cheapest price is usually the only thing people look for when renting a unit. While it is important to get a "good deal" you need to be sure that it really is a good deal. First find out if there are any other fees, set up fees, late fees, lien fees,  deposits, and what the agreement is to get back a deposit. After you have found that out weigh the other factors of price to quality of storage unit and facility.  Such as if your compromising a low priced storage unit for a safe and secure storage unit. 

3. Storage facility Layout: How is the structure of the storage facility? What is the access like to you? Are the rows narrow and do they make it harder to turn around if you need to? Could you get a big moving truck next to your storage unit if you needed too? 

4. Security: Walk around the storage facility to determine how secure it is. Think like a burglar for a minute and see if you see any weaknesses in the facility that would make it easier for theft  for someone.  Are there walls all the way around the facility? Security Cameras? Is there an onsite manager? Not only would this be your facilities responsibility but yours as well. Be sure to keep a secure lock on your unit.